A lovely painting of Plas Teg for sale on eBay.

From a collection of architectural pen and ink, graphite, coloured pencil and wash studies entitled: ‘Colección de interiores ingleses con destino Inglaterra’ or ‘Colección la Inglaterra monumental’. We are unsure of who this artist may have been but all of the images are inscribed in Spanish, and the subjects are mostly British residential and heritage sites. Most date from around the early 1990s, although the paper used on all may date as older.

All New TV Show

Following two weeks of filming at Plas Teg, we were excited to see it go on television on 7/07/2015! Chanel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Rescue is an entertainment television show which explores those Country Houses who are ran entirely by devoted owners. Please note that it is not a factual documentary. We had great fun during the filming process!

To see the programme on 40d, please follow this link.