Typically, tables rock and tip, objects move, lights and sounds appear and people experience heat, cold, and rapid mood swings. Along with the house spirits, you could also interact and communicate with spirits which pass through Plas Teg, such as those of loved one

   April 2017

1st- Jean’s group – spaces
8th – Lisa’s group – spaces
15th –
Jean’s group – spaces
22nd – Lisa’s group – spaces

29th Jean’s group – spaces 

May 2017

6th – Lisa’s group – spaces
13th –
Jean’s group – spaces
20th – Lisa’s group – spaces

27th – Jean‘s group – spaces

June 2017

3rd- Lisa’s group – spaces
10th –
Jean’s group – spaces
17th – Lisa’s group – spaces

24th – Jean‘s group – spaces


Select date

Note the  group (Jean’s or Lisa’s) on that date

Establish number in party

Then please email us with the Date, Group name (Jean / Lisa) and number of places needed

email address:

Lisa’s team : lisadoodles@hotmail.co.uk
Jean’s team : bladeace121@sky.com

You will normally get a  reply within 24 hours, otherwise re-contact us. But PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER FIRST – almost every apparent delay  is due to the enquirer’s email service ‘junking’ the reply, or ‘ghosts getting in the works’ as we prefer to say.

Terms & Conditions:

The cost per person is £45.00

50% deposits are normally required for all events. We will advise you of how to pay any deposit required when you pre-book via email. NOTE: deposits are non-refundable.

Suitable for persons aged 18 or older

Number of guests per event is usually 8-20. Group bookings max 20. If an event has fewer than 6 people in total we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer either a refund or an alternative date.

External paranormal group bookings: We treat bookings for external groups in the same way as direct public bookings. i.e. £45 per person with 50% deposit. At present the nights available are as shown above. To secure a night as an all- private event you need to book (and confirm by deposit) all 20 places (or pay the cash equivalent of 20 places if less attendees).

Sorry, we are not insured for overnight stays and in any case the house is not currently suitable.

What to bring:

Guests are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. Bring a good torch, and any food and soft drinks you expect to need. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits are available.

Duration : Around 6 hours. Start time is usually 8pm. This will be confirmed on booking.

How the evening works:

On the evening of your visit, plan to arrive around 15 minutes before the start time. After booking in you will be given a brief introduction including house rules and health and safety. (Alcohol is not permitted in the house and we advise you to avoid consuming alcohol beforehand both for safety purposes and because alcohol has a negative effect on the evening as spirits and spirits don’t mix!) Then we proceed with a lights-on tour of the house and the rooms we will be using that evening. After a short break, guests will be split into smaller guide-led groups, the lights go off, and the real night’s activities begin in earnest. Several breaks are taken throughout the evening until the 2 am finish.

 To book, please email :

Lisa’s team : lisadoodles@hotmail.co.uk
Jean’s team : bladeace121@sky.com

We employ no tricks ~ we don’t need to. Whatever happens is for real!

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