Helping to Preserve Our History

Love My Wales was founded to help communities across Wales to access and understand their built heritage. As a Building Preservation Trust, we also aim to restore buildings or landscapes at risk and bring them into a public use. Education and supporting the arts are at the core of our work. Our projects will in the long term help boost the local economy by providing job and volunteer opportunities, by improving social conditions through regeneration.

At Plas Teg, the charity has been working to provide volunteer opportunities to help maintain the buildings, develop a plan for the restoration of the outbuildings and to deliver guided tours on the Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. It was developed out of the Friends of Plas Teg which was founded in 2009. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for Love My Wales at Plas Teg.

Trying to solve a mystery

Love My Wales is publishing a book about Plas Teg with the helo of different specialists to map out the estate’s story from its early history to the present day. It is uncertain how old Plas Teg actually is: bardic poetry which describes the main house in the 1590s has recently been discovered, suggesting that it is older than 1610, as is widely accepted. To help us find out the true date, we will be doing dendrochronology to date the original wooden beams and the famous oak staircase; we will also be having a stone survey done, to map where each building stone was quarried and roughly when; also, a geophysical survey which will help us to locate the formal gardens and original medieval hall house which precedes the current house. All results from these studies will be published within the book and will be available for sale around the Spring of 2016.

Registered Charity Number 1157503

To help us develop and complete our projects at Plas Teg, we rely on donations from members of the public. Anything you can give, would be greatly recieved. If you would like to know more about Plas Teg, please visit our website.